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Kundalini Easter Yoga Retreat In Ibiza, Spain

Europe - 4 days
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Stay at an elegant house set high up in the mountain surrounded by forest and opposite the beach.

Allow the space to Nourish, the time to Replenish, the energy to Open, the vibration to Heal and the frequency to Elevate.
The retreat offers you the opportunity to go into a deeper experience of healing the soul through the vibrations of Kundalini yoga. The absolute power of this medicine has proven to be life-changing. Heal the soul through connecting with nature.
Delve deep into exploring your connection to your purpose, your intuition and have an opportunity to listen to your soul. This 5 day retreat offers you a solid base from which to launch fully into your life, to discover what it is your soul aches for and how to make that life a reality. 
Within the workshop forum you'll have space to dive a little deeper into the mysteries and experience other forms of meditation and shamanic practices.
The menu is designed around the elements with organic, locally sourced produce as you explore the healing vibration of food as the medicine also.
The cost of this retreat includes all your meals, all yoga and meditation classes, workshops and your relaxing accommodation.


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