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Juicing Detox Retreat

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At the start of the therapy the team will run a series of assessments which will include a personal and medical assessment, a doctors consultation and assessment (Ayurvedic), pH Balance check, Body Composition Analysis and a 3 Chakras (Physical, Physiological and Psychological) Assessment.

After the assessment, the consultant shall come up with a personalized retreat program combining the various treatments and therapies.

This inclusive retreat offers superb accommodation, workshops, daily yoga and relaxation sessions, daily guided meditation and holistic treatments from across the globe and a specially prepared course of over 33 combining natural and Ayurvedic products and supplements.

Meal plans cater to your individual needs, and you will receive a personal diet and nutrition consultation, life coaching and goal setting, and a one-on-one session of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or hypnotherapy.

Two daily sessions of colon cleansing are also included to really get the most our of your detox program.

The friendly and supportive staff will make this week as enjoyable as it is beneficial to your overall wellbeing. This package also includes airport transfers, welcome drink, welcome meals, packed snacks for departure journey, access to a library of books and DVDs on health and wellness and a personalised retreat diary.


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