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Juice Detox On A Goan Beach

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In this retreat, you can expect to gain a wealth of benefits including increased energy, vitality and stamina, weight loss, emotional stability, a greater sense of peace and inner calm and so much more.The retreat package includes your accommodation, two daily educational talks, presentations, workshops, and informal group sessions, daily yoga and relaxation workshops, guided meditations.Plus your schedule of holistic treatments from across the globe and a daily course of over 33 combining natural and Ayurvedic products and supplements.Plus your personalised nutritionally balanced vegetarian meal plans (juices, broths and superfoods), two daily sessions of colon cleansing (self administered), a personal diet and nutrition consultation and personalised planning, life coaching, goal setting, and an exclusive one-to-one session of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) or hypnotherapy.You will also receive before and after assessments of Ph balance, body composition analysis, biological age, vital total body measurements, and a vital signs assessment or medical check up. Extras include airport pick-up, welcome drink, packed snacks for departure journey, access to library of books and DVDs on health and wellness, Body Rebalance workbook, personalised retreat diary, complimentary dry-skin weight loss body brush, and expert support and counseling as and when required.


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