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Holistic Yoga And Meditation Retreat

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Join this 14 Day Yoga Retreat in Italian Monastery to activate your whole body and experience a transformation. Immerse yourself in Yoga, Meditation, good Italian cuisine, discussions on the philosophy of Yoga in front of the fire, long walks, massages, mountain bike, horseback riding, a good book and so much more!
This retreat is perfect for regaining your vital energy, with a consequent increase in the power of concentration and creativity. Meditation and Yoga sessions will be guided by the Yoga instructors who gained their experience over years of theoretical and practical training and who are able to support any level from beginners to the more advanced. 

Every morning you will have a 1.5h Hatha Yoga lesson. It can be demanding, but absolutely accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi. You will have the opportunity to take part in different meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions. If you have never tried them, you will discover the gentleness and the unique feeling of participating in them. Meditation of silence and of sound, the singing of mantras in Sanskrit - all meditations have their own effect, but all lead to a single final goal: to live knowingly and with great tranquility. 
Among the many activities on offer you should definitely try an E-Bike trip! This is a fantastic form of transport with it’s assisted pedalling which allows you to take part in unforgettable excursions, exploring mountain passes and forest pathways without too much effort. In the same way horse riding trips are also very popular, in fact there are various excursions to choose from, enabling you to reach the hills of Montefeltro, an amazing experience together with these magnificent animals.
If you prefer the "sweetness of doing nothing" and you want to be lazy all the time, you can do it, no problem! All the activities are of an excellent level, but they are not obligatory (except for Karma Yoga).
Join this magnificent opportunity to relax and ease the tensions of everyday life. Come and savour the magic of this period residence and live an experience unique in its kind.

The cost of this retreat includes-

13-night accommodation

2 yoga classes per day

4 meditation sessions per week

Group walk to explore the surrounding areas

Quality support during your stay

Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks

3 organic and vegetarian meals per day

Two changes of sheets and towels per week

Evening projection of themed films

Satsang of Yoga philosophy in front of the fire (Weather permitting)


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