Holistic Detox Retreat, On Beach In Sri Lanka - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Holistic Detox Retreat, On Beach In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
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This authentic Ayurvedic detox takes place amongst coastal Southern Sri Lankan village life. Shady coconut plantations, picturesque stilt fishermen and white, deserted beaches surround the property.

The wellness hotel offers great facilities and professional guidance for traditional Ayurvedic programs. Therapies and treatments are individually tailored to you by the professional practitioners.

During this program you will experience personal consultation and pulse diagnosis, massages and applications, daily yoga sessions and signature cuisine targeted for weight reduction – combining the findings of modern nutritional science with the ancient wisdom of traditional dietary forms.

Treatments include -

Udvartana – a herbal powder massage and wrap Abhyanga – an Ayurvedic full body oil massage

Nabi abyanga – a special abdominal massage Shirodhara - forehead oil treatment

Virechana and other Ayurvedic massages

You will also enjoy facial cosmetics with green tea products, sea salt scrub, clay herbal cocoon wrap, steam bath, herbal bath, Ayurvedic medicine, physical workout depending on your body type, Ushnoka, - hot water and ginger drinking treatment and herbal detox teas.

The cost of this retreat includes your accommodation, yoga and meditation classes, all of the treatments and massages, lunches, manicure and pedicure, and excursions to Wewurukannala Vihara Temple and market visit.


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