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Holistic Detox Retreat, Koh Samui In Thailand

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This Wellness Sanctuary is an absolute haven, the best wellness hotel in Thailand. With luxury accommodation, first class facilities, fitness and yoga group classes all day, pampering spa menu, detox services, and healthy food and juices on demand.

This 13-night detox program has been developed specifically for those who are seeking a more holistic touch to their detox with supportive healing spa treatments and alternative therapies.

At the core of the holistic detox program is choosing between the Ultimate Detox (water), Living Foods Detox (raw) or Vegetarian Detox program.

This is then combined with healing spa treatments and alternative therapies such as manual lymphatic drainage massages, Indian head massages, magnesium foot soaks, far infrared sauna sessions and reiki sessions to enhance and support your detox experience.

The cost of this retreat includes 13 nights of accommodation, Initial In-Depth Detox Consultation with Bio Impedance Analysis, Arrival day Welcome Dinner, Unlimited broth soups per day.

And access to Pool, Steam Room & Fitness Studio Access, Unlimited access to Group Fitness classes, Unlimited Yoga class & group meditation sessions, Final detox consultation with take-home guidelines.

Plus your schedule of -

3 days Pre-Cleanse of Alkalizer Drinks and Liver Flush Drinks and Detox Meals

1 x 60 min Detox Massage per day

7 days Detox program

1 x colon hydrotherapy session per day

Detox Drinks, Detox Meals if not fasting, Good Green Stuff shots, Liver Flush Drinks

2.5 day Post cleanse program

Rejuvelac Drinks, Thai liquid herbal laxative, Fruit plate, salads, Probiotic capsules, light detox meals

Plus included treatments of -

1 x Massage per day

1x Final Consultation with take home guidelines.

3 x 60 min Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

2 x 60 min Thai Stretch Massage

2 x 60 min Foot Sanctuary

5 x 30 min Magnesium Foot Bath

5 x 30 min FAR infrared sauna sessions

1 x 45 min Choice of Body Scrub

1 x 60 min Choice of Body Wrap

1 x 60 min Green Coffee Cellulite Away Wrap

1 x 60 min Reiki Session

1 x 60 min Supportive Therapy session


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