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Himalayan Yoga Retreat Nepal

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Buddha's watchful gaze lies upon Nagarjun in Kathmandu, with ancient temples and shrines surrounding its land. A veil of calm and peace envelops the city and the rolling hills serve as the breath taking backdrop.

This 8-day retreat will introduce you to different yogic practices, spiritual healing, therapies and chanting. Feel re-charged as you flow through the different asana poses and deepen your breath work with the yoga masters.

This yoga retreat is an opportunity for you to relax and rest with spiritual presence and awareness. The natural beauty of the gardens, beautiful views of the hills, the rich biodiversity of the forest and other scenery provide the perfect atmosphere for exploring one’s spiritual energy.

The center provides the essence of yoga, meditation, retreat, and spiritual healing and as you go through the retreat, you will experience improved health and well-being.

During the retreat, you could also volunteer to work in or outside of Kathmandu.

The cost of this retreat includes your accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals and rejuvenating yoga sessions. Airport transfers, extra meals, laundry and extra therapies are available for an additional cost.


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