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Himalayan Detox & Yoga Retreat Nepal

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Be enveloped by the optimism and genuine warmth of the people in Kathmandu as soon as you step into their land. In this Yogic Detox package, you will be able to detoxify your whole body through the practices of specific Asanas and drinking warm salty water.

Discover the most effective techniques to improve health immunity, increase concentration and improve flexibility. This detoxification, particularly Yogic digestive cleansing, is extremely beneficial and powerful because it cleanses your whole body, redeeming the maximum impact upon your health.

This retreat offers shatakarma like Neti or nasal cleansing, Kunjal or cleansing of the stomach through regurgitation, Basti or Enema, Nauli or Intra Abdominal Massaging, Kapalbhati or purification of the head through breathing, and Shankhaprakshalana or an entire digestive cleansing through defecation.

This Yogic Detox Package includes

2 theoretical lessons

dhauti or stomach cleanser

nauli or intra abdominal massage

basti or colon cleanse


fasting juice

music healing

shankahaprakshalan kriya

city sight seein

and regular yoga retreats with two therapies.


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