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Healthy Living Wellness Retreat

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A remarkable destination that offers scenery like no other, Phang Nga bay near Phuket is known to be one of the most unique spots on earth. 
Enjoy life to its fullest as you spend a luxurious week immersed within the 8 Day Healthy Living Wellness Retreat. The Resort, together with the Hospital have partnered to offer another exceptional life changing programme to address the pre and post diabetes in a way that will reduce your dependency on heavy medications.
This exceptional, carefully designed program will help you gain  stronger and healthier body and mind. Those who wish to lose weight will experience weight loss and be more able to keep it off long term. Those with type 2 diabetes will obtain a new way to control the symptoms, reduce need for medication, and some may be able to stop using medication completely. 
The retreat will also help you learn to manage pain, using integrative medicine and it will improve your sleep habits, leaving you feeling more calm and rested.
Adventure, tour and additional activities can be arranged throughout the stay at additional cost. This may include national park hikes, various local farms visits, wellness cooking classes so that you can take your favourite recipes home.

The retreat package includes - 

Pre-arrival wellness assessment

Doctor consultation, wellness assessment and medical check up upon arrival

3 meals a day planned by certified nutritionist with full plant base option

Detox juices and meal supplement is served throughout the day as required

Personalised movement and exercise by a personal trainer including yoga, beach walk, pilates, muay thai, qui gong, strength and conditioning program (one hour per day) 

A visit by our physiotherapist as required 

Mindfulness practice to increase focus, reduce dependency on certain habit, improve sleep and breathing

Integrative medicine treatment as prescribed and recommended by a doctor

Hydrotherapy spa treatment 

Immunity boosting spa treatment once per day throughout the stay


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