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Hatha Yoga And Meditation Retreat

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With this retreat, work towards achieving a holistic balance in body, soul and mind. The sustained practice of Hatha Yoga enables the harmonious joining of the sun and moon aspects of our being, uniting the breath and body to find peace.

Delight in rejuvenating massages, personalised meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra sessions, gourmet and organic meals relaxing yoga lessons for an overall wellness retreat. You will also enjoy optional chanting and sound healing sessions.

Standard inclusions are your accommodation, wellness consultation on arrival, gourmet vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), twice daily group yoga sessions and daily group chanting or sound meditation session.

This package also includes -

2 personalised yoga instructional sessions

personalized Pranayama session

personalized mediation session

2 personalized yogic kriya

rejuvenation massage


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