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Green Raw, Adventure And Yoga Retreat

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This retreat offers you a chance to experience the charming touch of this lovely island. 

A wellness program offering the complete yogic experience at a resort famed for its expert programs, this is the holiday to revitalize the spirit.

This unique Green Adventure includes Tree Top Adventure and a wooden boat riding tour. 

Two hours of Elephant trekking will take you through an abundant tropical jungle, down to the fresh water canal where you will get a chance to swim with the gentle beasts. 

You will dive into yoga sessions that will be a balanced combination of different poses and a sustained increase awareness from one posture to another. 

Find your inner batteries recharged after this invigorating week of fun and adventure.

The cost of the retreat includes -

all raw food meals

all of the excursions and outdoor adventures

morning yoga and meditation

herbal steam bath

infrared sauna


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