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Fuerteventura Yoga Retreat

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Discover how to use yoga to bring back harmony in your body. Explore and become more aware of your body, balancing and creating better posture, and creating a calm state of mind.

The morning sessions will help you to wake up gently, create space in the joints and detox the night out.

The afternoon sessions are to cool down the body, using the warmed up muscles for stretching, and the fresh sunset air for breathing, detoxing and calming the body. Complete the class with a lovely yoga nidra in savanasa to find total surrender and tranquility in body and mind.

In between classes the program is free for you to see and do what you like- follow your heart and do what feels right, this is time for you.

Classes are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced who are looking to dive deeper into their own yoga practice.

Enjoy a full week diving into yoga, yourself and a good time in a new location, away from the hassles of daily life!

This package includes your accommodation, twice daily yoga lessons, daily breakfast, and a one hour massage.


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