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Flex, Stretch And Massage In Ubud Haven

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This wonderful wellness retreat hotel provides you with a nurturing, friendly atmosphere where you can find absolute peace and tranquillity. Sitting on the riverbank in Ubud, this is the perfect sanctuary to rest your whole being. 

Experience an authentic Balinese healing and cultural experience that will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. This 7 Night Retreat is ideal for those who spend long hours at their office desk, on their computer or devices. 

In static positions our bodies start to cease and lose their flexibility and this can have a knock on effect from the body to the mind. This retreat helps you to align your body back into balance, stretching out tight muscles and putting you on the path to a more flexible body and more flexible you. 

Stretch sessions are interspersed with Javanese deep tissue massages in the beautiful Balinese spa where therapists have learnt their craft from an enlightened Javanese Healer. 


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