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Fitness And Weightloss Retreat

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This Fitness and Weight Management program is designed to get you in a better shape through immersive fitness trainings and recommended nutritional healthy meals. 

And in the beautiful surroundings of the lush nature of rural Northern Thailand.

Included in the retreat:

your accommodations

60-min massage/night

60-min Muay Thai

90-min body combat

60-min mat pilates

2 meals per day

complimentary yoga

complimentary guided morning walk

complimentary daily activities

afternoon tea and daily juice/smoothie/snack.

Recommended additional activities for this program include mountain hiking, hill tribe trekking or water rafting.

Mountain hikes and crossfit trainings, yoga and morning stretches are all designed to help you achieve greater health, strength, stamina, flexibility and posture. 

The integration of meditation is designed to help you increase self-awareness, improve focus and concentration and reduce stress. With trained professionals, the team aspire to help you achieve your best possible self and leave the program physically transformed.


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