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Fasting & Colonic Cleanse Retreat

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Fasting and Detoxification programs can have incredible and far-reaching effects on the body, working to cleanse your physical, mental and emotional being. To experience this rejuvenating process yourself, pack your bags and visit this Sanctuary known for its yoga, detox and healing programs.

You will be provided with daily detox drinks, supplements, teas and broths which will energise you during your cleanse. The resident detox coach will instruct you on how to go about your cleansing program and your pre and post-detox diet. 

Included in this package is also your schedule of -

1 pre-cleanse day (with 2 Liver Flush drinks, 2 alkalising meals, 2 x 2 capsules of Chomper intestinal cleanser and one elixir)

1 private health consultation

daily yoga and meditation classes

2 colonic sessions daily

Thai massage

Reiki healing session 

use of the Herbal Steam room, Infrared sauna and gym.

Post-detox information and guidelines for gradually reintroducing foods after your fasting days

Probiotic implant and your choice of one of the highly nutritious break the fast options

Filtered drinking water throughout the program

For the Fasting & Colon Cleansing Program you can choose any number of nights that suit your needs and itinerary. A fast can typically last from 4 to 21 days. Length of fast is dependent on your desired goals and health conditions. 


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