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Meditation and Yoga Retreat, Beachside Kerala

India - 8 days
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Near the beach


The essence of this resort is the ancient medical science of Ayurveda and art of yoga and meditation. Embracing this wholesome pair offers you the way to harmony and peace.

Ayurveda and Yoga are science sisters that work hand in hand to bring you to a place of superior health and balance. At this retreat the yoga and meditation classes are taught under the experienced guidance of well trained professionals for all levels.

Enjoy a relaxing getaway with an authentic yoga and Ayurvedic experience in a beautiful location. A complete makeover for the body and soul is what this Ayurvedic Resort is all about.

The 8 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat includes 7 nights accommodation, twice daily yoga retreat sessions, customized one hour Ayurveda treatments to rejuvenate your body, full board Ayurveda vegetarian cuisine to improve your health, cooking classes, as well as yoga and Ayurveda workshops.


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