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Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Retreat

Europe - 8 days
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This certified yoga teacher training course is only suitable for existing instructors of other sports and disciplines or exercise enthusiasts with a sports background.

Be at one with nature, and your innermost being in this 8 Day Intensive Retreat. Join this wonderful program if you are passionate about sports and dream of a flexible new job with no strict working hours or location ties.

Take the first steps towards changing your life with a certified yoga teacher training course, recognized by the yoga teacher federation, which will equip you with the basic knowledge and accreditation needed to kick-start your career as a certified yoga teacher.

The level one yoga teacher training course will take you through the basics that you need to become a certified yoga teacher. You will be taught all about the practice and principles of yoga including the different exercises, stages of movement and relaxation involved, and how to teach it to others.

The training course will be divided into four modules covering different areas of theory and practice which are spread out over the course of one week and conducted by specialist expert qualified instructors.

At the end of the training, you will be able to confidently lead a 50 to 60-minute long yoga class on your own for a maximum of 10 people per lesson.

Aside from all of your classes, the cost of this training also includes

airport and train station transfers

one year of free backup and suppor

valid certification upon completion

7-night accommodation

and 3 daily meals plus snacks and water during activities.


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Antonia Califano

Antonia has a P.H.D. in nutritional sciences and dietetics, and she is also a naturopath, a nutritional consultant, and a life coach. After years of fitness aerobics and various sports at the tender age of 19, she became the assistant of the European bodybuilding champion Torrente. At 24, Antonia graduated and her journey around the world began. She cultivated her love and passion for yoga and fitness, becoming a co-founder of the Styleoga discipline. She has registered thousands of clients and seminars all around the world. As a life coach, she has followed people from all the five continents.

Luigi Xuereb

Luigi has always been into sports from a very young age. He decided to follow the oriental arts path, and he now holds a masters degree in meditation and breathing exercises. He also has a passion for outdoor activities and extreme sports. He is an expert in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and positive approach and thinking. He leads seminars all over the world and is a co-founder and a coach at yoga retreat center, where he is followed by clients on an intercontinental level.

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