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Restorative Private Yoga Retreat

Bali - 8 days
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As you spend your days in this beautiful place, you will be treated with a program designed to help you heal through yoga, meditation and massage. This retreat will give you a wonderful, enlivening experience.

Through physical yoga asana practice, you will work with restructuring, lengthening and strengthening the body. Meditation will help you bring about the vital connection of the mind to the restorative process which will help you to develop new healthy habits and routines rather than keep you stuck in the past or in an unhealthy rut.

Massage gives you the chance to relax and melt into the soothing hands of a qualified therapist, who will help support all your other work while you simply enjoy.

This retreat will be carried out within the surrounds of a deeply supportive environment, by experts in their respective field who are fully committed to helping you. The program will make a positive difference as you journey onward through the unique story of your life.

The retreat includes -

7 nights deluxe accommodation

daily breakfast,4 lunches, 3 dinners

daily yoga, pranayama and meditation classes

4 private restorative yoga sessions

2 private meditation sessions

2 Signature massages


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Antonio Albagli

Twelve years from his first class as a student, the practice of yoga has had a deep impact in how he views life creating a motivation to help others. Following an intuitive combination of Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, and Yin he has found a practice that is both challenging and therapeutic. Antonio is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor at the E-RYT 200 level, deeply committed and passionate about the path of yoga.

Daphna Dor

It is with energetic passion, love and joy that Daphna (GuruWant Kaur) has been sharing the healing technology of Kundalini yoga over the last 17 years through classes, immersions and retreats both in her hometown of New York, her current home in Bali, and internationally. She is the coordinator and producer of the KRI approved Kundalini yoga teacher trainings in Bali in 2014 and 2015, assisting lead trainer Guru Dass in these trainings as part of her path in the Aquarian Teachers Academy.Daphna has had the privilege of studying under yogi Bhajan, the late master of the yoga. While embarking on her path as a Kundalini practitioner and teacher, Daphna was also drawn to the modality of yoga therapy and became a certified Phoenix rising yoga therapist, and continued to explore the teachings of Hatha yoga, becoming a certified Hatha teacher as well. Daphna brings to her Kundalini yoga sessions a deep respect for, and incorporation of, the body alignment of Hatha yoga traditions, while embracing with great passion and gratitude the sharing of the transformational path of higher consciousness of Kundalini yoga, believing and teaching that we all have the wisdom, the light and the love within to manifest our highest calling.

Carlotta Castangia

Carlotta is an ERYT-500 in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow style yoga. She has been a dancer for 20 years then finally found her essence through yoga. She began her journey in India embracing all aspects of yoga and she deeply believes in the origins and the roots of the yoga tradition. She also believes that today a modern approach is needed and therefore she combines her knowledge in anatomy and alignment skills in her teaching method. Her classes have constantly evolved over the past 5 years because of her deep devotion to the practice, and she firmly believes that in addition to being a teacher she will remain an eternal student.

Eka Septifana

From the first time Eka Septifana joined a yoga class she was amazed by the profound experience, fell immediately in love with it, and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. Through a mindful yoga practice, she has learned to stay centred and be present, allowing her to embrace life more fully with love, compassion and gratitude. Eka is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor at the E-RYT 500 level who likes to challenge students, focusing on alignment and a personal investigation of sensations, perception, feelings and thought patterns.

Diaz Chairullah

Diaz is yoga practitioner, a student and a teacher. He is very passionate to bring yoga as his daily practice and to share his joy to teach it to others. He received a full scholarship to complete his 200 hours TTC from Santosha Yoga Experience, Australia on February 2016. He likes to deliver his class in a fun manner, but don’t let that smile fools you, expect movement, challenge, strength, a lot exercise and sweat! His love for vinyasa flow adds his creativity to sequence the poses together and become like a dance. Beside a yogi he is also an experienced creative director and design lecturer for some international universities in Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya. “My class is rather fun, not everything is too serious, playful but energetic and creative slash funky at the same time.”

Jessica Gunawan

Born in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, Jessica didn’t know what yoga is until she moved to the capital at the age of 24. There, her first taste of yoga lead her to her first 200 hours YTTC in Vinyasa style with late Vincent Tam. At first, it was the curiosity of learning this old ancient art of mind and body, until it taught her all about patience, wisdom, and love of oneself. Letting go is easier for her now and Jessica wants to share this discovery to other people who may need it.

Angela Perez

Angela has been passionately dedicated to the yogic path for the past 15 years, lecturing and teaching in many parts of the world and is currently teaching Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Tantra, Meditation and Pranayama classes at the yoga center. Angela is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor at both the RYT-500 and E-RYT 200 level, who shares her calling to walk the path of the heart, both on and off the mat.

Bernd Windhofer

Bernd works with the tools of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, the Buddha’s Dharma and study in order to plumb the depths of experience and to always give each student exactly what he or she needs, with a passion for helping to ease the suffering of others.Bernd is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor at the E-RYT 200 level, where you can expect to be challenged in his classes, but always with kindness and care.

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