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Holistic Spa Ayurveda Detox in India

India - 8 days
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Breathe in the fresh mountain air and let nature, beauty and stillness work their magic at this award winning wellness spa in the foothills of the Himalayas

The ultimate goal is to detoxify both mind and body of harmful toxins and negative thoughts in a controlled and safe manner. 

This retreat has been carefully designed to include stimulating and purifying dosha-specific Ayurvedic therapies, yoga, meditation and a carefully created Ayurvedic diet to help detox, reduce stress and improve overall health. 

The healing process involves herbal medication, massage, and periodic liberation of toxins through Sneha Vastis (enemas with medicated oils).

The 8-day spa program includes -

4 Ayurvedic Therapy sessions

8 international therapy sessions

3 cleansing therapies

2 personal yoga sessions

2 personal pranayama sessions

Personal meditation session

Enemas with medicated oils

Sauna, steam and hydrotherapy foot baths

Therapies include: Abhyanga, Choornaswedana, detoxifying jet blitz shower, hydrotherapy, aromatic bath, detoxifying aromatherapy massage, detoxifying salt scrub, mountain dew skin freshener facial, detoxifying aroma cocoon, and earth stone massage.

Standard inclusions for the program include consultations, morning wake up signature tea and fresh fruit bowl, 3 Rejuvenation Spa Cuisine meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) per night per person, daily use of Hydrotherapy facilities (steam, sauna, chill plunge pool, Kneipp Hydrotherapy foot bath and heated lap pool), scheduled spa lifestyle and wellness activities (yoga, pranayama, Vedanta lectures, cooking demos, wellness lectures, treks, and cultural performances).


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