Adventure Retreat in Guesthouse Stay - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Adventure Retreat in Guesthouse Stay

Europe - 8 days
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Treat your body and soul with Yoga, massages, vegetarian food and coastal walks along the most stunning part of Portugal`s west coast.

Adventure & Yoga combines daily Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga classes with super exciting activities.

The yoga classes will be mostly focusing on Vinyasa Flow in the morning and Yin Yoga in the evenings.

With your schedule of -

5 Vinyasa Flow morning classes

5 evening Soft Flow or Yin Yoga classes

2 Mountain Bike Tour or 2 Sup Tour

Guided Walk

Rejuvenating Full Body Massage

Enjoy mountain biking, hiking in the beautiful nature, walking through the little villages and a visit to Sintra World Heritage Site, while nourishing body heart and soul.

The cost of this retreat includes your 7-night accommodation, 7 delicious and nourishing breakfast buffets, 6 delicious and healthy lunch & dinner buffets.


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Lia Muczenski

Lia was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1964 and has been living in Portugal since 2006. She started with professional contemporary dance when she was 20 years old and it was during that phase of her life that she evolved a very deep understanding of her human body as an entry door to her soul. Since that time she has been dedicating herself to healing processes of the human being through the body. She became a Body Worker and Psychotherapist working with many people recover their full potential on a very deep level.Lia is a yoga instructor, trained and well-experienced as a counselor in Inner Child Therapy and Co-Dependency with additional knowledge in Family Constellations and Trauma Healing. Lia is specialized in working with people who experienced trauma in early childhood. Her training includes HolĂ­stic Massage, Body Work and Advanced Watsu Practitioner. Lia Muczenski has been organizing and guiding for many years Yoga retreats, Meditation, Dance and Movement and Detox Retreats for many years in several places in Europe. Lia speaks German, Portuguese and English.

Eduardo Cunha

Eduardo Cunha is has been through a lot in his life and transformed it in a magical way being an example of strength, courage, will and motivation. Along his life path he has been working with fire in a sacred and shamanic form, helping and serving thousands of people in their process of cure and self discovery. He is deeply in love with nature and he has a total understanding of the universal laws of the universe. The discovery of Yoga and Meditation transformed his life and is now an intricate part of his daily routine. Nowadays he works with Ayurvedic Massage with additional Ayurvedic Treatments like Shirodhara and massage applied with Pindas with rice and herbs, Watsu, Cristal Bowls Massage and Nutrition in the forms of vegan, vegetarian and raw food. His passion is preparing and leading fires for all different kind of ceremonies and events. Eduardo is a registered Firewalk Instructor and a Sweat Lodge Keeper. Eduardo speaks Portuguese, French, Spanish and understands Italian well.

Joana Andrade

As a professional surfer she started the first female surf school in Portugal in 1998. Years ago she moved to Ericeira to be able to surf the best waves of Europe every day and training girls for competition. As a natural sequence of a dedicated surfing career she always had a strong affection for big waves. As the first and only Portuguese surfer girl she decided to challenge tow-in surfing, and was nominated for the Billabong XXL Awards. Joana opened her own school, the Progress Surf School.

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