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Detox & Yoga Retreat in Heart of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - 8 days
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This is a truly restorative spa, built with a little footprint in this naturally healing landscape, in the mountainous center of Sri Lanka. The venue is in balance and harmony with nature, as you do the same on this 8 day detox.

For those interested primarily in weight loss, this program is designed to eliminate excess weight, leaving you feeling energized and rejuvenated. 

This program includes customized raw food and a juice diet with a focus on the digestive system, personalized Ayurveda treatments that induce fat burning and increasing of metabolic rate, personalized high intensity fitness coaching, daily yoga and specific massage treatments.

And enjoy access to all the scheduled group wellness activities - daily morning and evening yoga, meditation, lifestyle workshops, nutrition workshops, trekking, mountain biking, Sri Lankan cooking classes and use of spa facilities such as sauna, steam and salt bath.

The retreat includes -

 your beautiful accommodation

3 personalised healthy gourmet meals daily (options available for raw food diets, vegetarian diets and non-vegetarian diets)

non-alcoholic beverages

consultation on the arrival and departure

60 minutes of spa treatment

plus scheduled group wellness activities

Your positive experience is designed to encourage you to continue with these new healthy habits and routines after you leave.


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