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High Performance Surf, Fitness & Yoga Retreat

Costa Rica - 8 days
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With world-class waves just a short stroll from your front door, this is the perfect location to get in shape and work on your surfing form.

Designed for proficient surfers wishing to lift their game and improve their existing skills, the High-Performance Surf Camp is run by experienced coaches offering daily sessions both in the water and back on land to help analyze your technique.

As well as daily coaching sessions at the region's breaks, the retreat provides elite-level physical training especially developed for surfers and incorporating kickboxing, TRX fitness and yoga.

Three healthy, nutritious meals are provided daily, plus a power smoothie to keep you paddling all day long. 

Video coaching and analysis helps you to improve your posture and manoeuvers and surf workshops expand your knowledge.

It is recommended that you bring your own surfboards, though a range of equipment is available to hire.

The town of Nosara is situated right on the beach, with world-class waves and pristine ocean just a short walk. 

One of Costa Rica's oldest colonial townships, the coastal village remains exquisitely unspoiled by mass tourism, retaining its rural charm as a fishing community.

 One of the world's few 'Blue Zones', Nosara is one of the healthiest and longest-living communities in the world. 

Nosara has been attracting yoga practitioners to where the jungle meets the ocean for over 30 years and remains a tranquil and untarnished sanctuary of calm.


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Dave Maher

David Maher is the Jungles Edge visionary and business owner. He traveled from his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia to Costa Rica for 13 years exploring and enjoying family vacations with his wife, Edie and his 3 children, Chase, Britni & Kelsey, before finding his dream location here in Nosara. Now, he is living his amazing dream and sharing it with others here at Jungles Edge. The perennial surf, people, culture and the jungle environment in Costa Rica bring David such a deep sense of satisfaction, he says only one word truly summarizes his life here, “blessing.” His ideal day includes guiding guests to secret surf spots and practicing martial arts on one of Costa Rica’s largest open air fitness studios; where else but here, where he has built this beautiful resort and retreat center. David’s huge heart for hospitality invites you to come join him in experiencing the amazing Costa Rican Jungles Edge.

Edie Maher

With a heart of gold and a keen eye for creativity, Edie is the true visionary of hospitality and total comfort at Jungles Edge. Along with her husband Dave, Edie has been traveling Costa Rica for over a decade. When she is not making sure everyone around her is happy, you can find her practicing yoga, pilates or taking a barre class. Edie manages all the reservations and customer relations here at Jungles Edge. Her two dogs, Luna and Roxy, can be found running around enjoying life with all of our guests.

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