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Beauty And Wellness Retreat

Costa Rica - 8 days
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This 8 day / 7 night Healing and Beautifying package consists of a anti-inflammatory diet with an emphasis on detoxifying foods, along with a customized luxury spa plan to help reduce inflammation, increase oxygen and blood flow, relax and soothe sore muscle tension, alleviate signs of aging, and reduce overall stress.

It would be appropriate to call this a beautifyingpackage as it will stimulate cell growth and renewal, reduce toxicity and create a natural young and healthy glow.

The retreat package includesAccommodations in a heavenly spa environment

Daily Hike for detoxing and cleaning the lymphatic system

Yoga two times daily to help stretch fibrotic tissue and release toxins

Anti-inflammatory menu for reducing inflammation

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily

Non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and snacks

Two- Healing food preparation classes

Evaluation from the healing and detox experts

Three 30 min Infrared Sauna Treatments for stimulating lymphatic and healing tissue

Two 60 minute customized facial treatments

Two 60 minute customized Healing and Balancing Treatments based on evaluation

Three 60 minute Healing Massages - for blood flow and stress release

Access to Spa and Healing Center and Fitness Studio

Get ready for transformation in paradise!


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