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Purifying Ayurveda Retreat

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This boutique, adults-only resort offers a tranquil atmosphere with beautifully appointed luxury villas spread throughout tropical gardens.

This Ayurveda program seeks physical, mental and spiritual balance, with detailed treatments combined with the right ingredients for your Doshas, or your unique personality traits and issues. The program starts with a detailed consultation followed by therapeutic treatments working on the outside body, and herbal teas and herbal concoctions working deep from inside the body.

Relaxing massages help to ease both body and mind, while the yoga and meditation nurture the soul. Assisting the body to achieve purification are “Satvik” meals, which refers to healthy, nourishing meals that are fresh and energising made from local ingredients by a team of talented chefs with your needs in mind.

The Retreat includes your luxury accommodation for 7 nights, full board of healthy meals and 2 hours daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Plus your schedule of -

Ayurvedic doctor consult

Herbal Pouch Therapy

Dry Powder Massage

Third Eye Oil Treatment

Ayurveda Back Massage

Ayurvedic Face Massage

Medicated Oil Massage

Herbal Steam

Colon Cleansing


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