7 Night Offshore Yoga Retreat in Morocco - Go Enjoy Yoga
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7 Night Offshore Yoga Retreat in Morocco

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The fusion of mind and body is a practice that has been honed through time - and one of the modern expressions of this discipline is the combination of surf and yoga - two activities that reinvigorate you and re-energise your spirits.

This retreat brings this unique experience by starting off each day with a 60 minute dynamic Anusara yoga class to awaken your body and mind, to prepare you for a long yet fun day ahead. Rejuvenate your mind with the 14 total Anusara yoga classes throughout the week.

After a healthy breakfast, train your body by riding the waves with the ISA-certified instructors that will help you improve your form, give you insight on the best waves, and enrich your surfing experience!

Before dinner, become immersed in your restorative yin yoga practice, to bring a sense of total wellbeing to your mind and body. Focussing on getting to know your body, you will learn to take care of your body by giving it exactly what it needs.

Enjoy over 15 hours of surf coaching across 6 days of 2 sessions each, with transportation to the best surf spots and all the equipment you might need, as well as on-hands coaching and mentorship from their expert surfers!

This package is inclusive of your accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch meals, 6 dinners provided, and Agadir transfers.


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