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Detox Yogi Retreat

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Make the choice to be supported in creating your own sustainable healthy lifestyle. With the team’s guidance you will be ready and able to take on new lifestyle choices with transformational long term results for you.

This package includes -

in-depth detox program

Clearing and relaxing massage

Acupuncture session

Multiple yoga classes

All-inclusive detox juice fast and special alkaline water system with everything you need to recharge and reboot during your stay.

Plus your schedule of -

Tai Chi on Thursday evenings

Daily grounding meditation in different styles

Yoga sutra classes on Tuesday nights

Healing breath empowerment classes on Wednesday mornings

Sunrise meditations

Certified health coach consultation

And invigorating community park yoga classes and drum circles on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and enriching yoga field trips.


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Ira Ohm

Ira Schneider Ohm, EYRT 500, founded the Yoga Studio in 2008, the Yoga School in 2009, and the Yoga Retreat Center in 2013. He has always been blessed with an awareness of something larger then himself. As a boy he embraced practicing Pranayama, meditation, and positive thinking. In his first yoga class Ira knew that this practice was like a coming home, three months later he went to Nicaragua and got his 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. Upon completion of his YTT 200 with School Yoga Institute, Ira immediately started to teach private and large group classes.

Valerie Leeds

Valerie Leeds is a dynamic wellness entrepreneur teaching people to access their best selves in mind, body and spirit for over two decades. Valerie is Certified as a Bodywork & Energy Therapist, Dr. Sears Nutritional Health Coach, and RYT 200hr. Co owner and facilitator of the Yoga School & Wellness Retreat Center with her husband, Ira, in Boca Raton, Florida, they guide guests in “disconnecting to reconnect.” Valerie has carefully cultivated a set of tools based on the premise that human potential is limited by our belief systems. She brings a fresh look at how your mind and consciousness can be adapted on a moment to moment basis to live life in greater mastery, and she teaches how to deepen our connection to what she calls our “internal barometer.” Giving the students and retreat guests an opportunity to understand how managing our mindsets can be life altering. When she is not handling communications and booking of guests, or assisting in Ira's classes, she teaches Language of Energy Class and Nutrition Class to the yoga training students, and does healing massage and coaching for most retreat guests.

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