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Ayurveda Slimming Retreat, Phuket Thailand

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This boutique, adults-only resort offers a tranquil atmosphere with beautifully appointed luxury villas spread throughout tropical gardens.

Daily yoga and breathing exercises are included in the program for movement and detoxification. The Ayurveda program involves treatments designed to eliminate toxins with a variety of specialised Ayurvedic treatments. Utmost care is taken to provide light and wholesome meals every day with the perfect choice of ingredients to assist your physical health.

The Slimming Retreat includes your luxury accommodation for 7 nights, full board of healthy meals and 2 hours daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Plus your schedule of -

Herbal Oil Bath

Ayurvedic Face Massage

Third Eye Oil Treatment

Medicated Oil Massage

Rice Bundle Pouch Massage

Holistic Meditative Massage

Vital Energy Point Cleansing

Colon Cleanses


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