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Surf, Meditation & Yoga Retreat, nr Seaside

Europe - 6 days
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The beautiful surroundings, the practices that will harmonize your body and mind, the deliciously prepared vegetarian meals and the joy of riding waves.

The yoga classes combine Vinyasa Flow and Hatha styles in a balanced flowing rhythm of asanas accompanied with deep breathing.

During the whole class but especially at the end, you will focus on expanding the awareness through specific breathing techniques that bring a sense of lightness, joy and bliss.

These classes are suitable for all levels of participants.

Enjoy quality surf classes for all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or you just want to improve your surfing skills, you will have the chance to do this on a beautiful coast that offers excellent conditions for surfing.

All equipment such as board and wetsuit, and insurance will be provided. Lessons are held in one of the two long stretches of the beach, both just 10 minutes from the retreat center.

These are very surf-friendly beach breaks that suit all levels.

Enjoy daily meditation. These meditations can easily be done by anyone who is interested in enjoying greater balance, peace, clarity of mind and happiness.

Some of the practices include breathing exercises, activation of important glands for the equilibrium of our being, deep relaxation and other more active meditations.

The cost of this retreat package includes your 5-night accommodation in the stunning retreat, 6 delicious and healthy breakfast buffets, 5 morning and 5 evening yoga classes, 5 surf lessons, 5 healthy and yummy lunch, 6 healthy and light dinner, and daily guided meditations.

*Please note events begin on Mondays and end on Saturdays.


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Patricia Gra├ža

Patricia was born in Lisbon and studied Sports and Physical Education at University. For more than 20 years, she's been teaching people through different types of bodywork, body and mind classes and personal training. She is a certified fitness and pilates instructor and did various training courses in yoga, from asthanga, to hatha and dynamic yoga styles.Her classes combine sequences and exercises specially designed in a flowing and creative way to suite all levels and create a balanced and harmonious practice for the body and mind. She also works as a ZenShiatsu Therapist with more than 10 years experience in balancing people's energy and aligning body, mind and emotions. In 2009 she met her spiritual Master and started to practice meditation everyday since then. Surfing is also part of her life and started when she moved to Ericeira 14 years ago.

Zarqa .

Zarqa has long been fascinated about the knowledge of life that many different native people and ancient mystical traditions have. The inner journey of self-development took him to many different places, working with shamanic traditions, and meeting and working with Spiritual Master Tony Samara for more than 16 years. He is trained and certified in a special style of ayurvedic massage and has been practicing since the year 2004. For six years he lived in the Garden of Light, a school of meditation. Going deeper on this mystical path. Learning that meditation is the key to freedom and freedom is the key to happiness and joy. Bringing meditation and massage together creates a great synergy. Growing up by the ocean developed a deep connection to this element and surfing is a great passion.

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