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Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Soul Retreat

Sri Lanka - 7 days
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Stay in a mud hut or a hip treehouse, beside the wetlands of a beautiful large lake, not far from the beach and near to the world famous Yala National Park.

Give your body, mind and soul the proper elements it needs to heal from stress and the burdens of everyday living.

Rediscover yourself in the spiritual experience of escaping from everyday life into the blissful embrace of serene nature. Learn to engage body, mind and soul in a package that features the ancient practice of yoga, meditation and anti-stress therapy for deep relaxation, reconnection and rejuvenation.

Balance the yin with the yang as you experience exciting cycling tours, wildlife safaris, visits to sacred sites, spellbinding culture and the best of Mother Nature. Enjoy mouthwatering local cuisine and unique accommodations that place you right in the treetops in the most comfortable and inspiring of ways.

Enjoy yoga, meditation and diverse experiences at this venue run on the principle of sustainability, from it's accommodation, food, toiletries to the community integration. All speak to it's commitment to conserve nature and community.

This package includes your lovely accommodation, full-body Ayurveda massages, meditation sessions, cycle tours, anti-stress therapy, visits to the Yala Safari park. Prepare to feel deeply restored with this special getaway in beautiful Sri Lanka.


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