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Luxury Pilates Retreat, Hills nr Marbella Spain

Europe - 7 days
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Join this 7-day Pilates Retreat to practice a method based on fluid movements performed with control. It consists of a strengthening and overall body flexibility, increase range of motion and teaching proper breathing.

It is accessible to everyone and divided into different levels suitable to the needs of each person. It is very good for people with physical problems such as back and neck issues. Pilates corrects the incorrect postural habits and improves body alignment. It improves coordination of movements and sense of balance.

Pilates teaches body awareness through workout and helps to prevent injuries. It is ideal to relieve most back pains, to strengthen the lumbo-abdominal area, to gain psychological well-being and to strengthen the pelvic area and the muscles of the legs and body.

The retreat package includes -

6 nights accommodation

a welcome healthy dinner

5 days of delicious, fresh, healthy cuisine menu

healthy breakfast and lunch on day of departure

5 Pilates sessions with the Reformer or on mat

4 yoga classes in group

30 -minute Body Scrub

one guided hike

and use of sauna, swimming pool and gym


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Nathalie .

Nathalie was born and raised in Amsterdam. In 2008 she moved to Spain with her family where they live a remote idyllic spiritual life. She originally has followed a 3 year course in Transformational yoga at yoga centre; Sai Mithra, in the centre of Amsterdam.She has studied the more detailed approach to yoga as developed by D.K.S. Iyengar and learned to appreciate and teach in the more invigorative yoga styles Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga which will give a total body workout and work the cardiovascular system. You can expect a blend of styles and in private classes we shall look together what approach of yoga will suit your needs and wishes best.

Lyma .

Lyma’s first introduction to yoga was in 1999, and for the past 13 years she has been interested in Hatha, Asthanga, Vinyasa flow, Anusara yoga and Zen meditation.She successfully completed the Teacher Training program through The Integral Yoga Academy, and is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) of The Integral Yoga Academy in Yogaville, Virginia, USA.Her love for teaching gives her the gift to create a space where students feel empowered to safely explore the gifts their yoga practise can offer, both on and off the mat, as well as honouring the individuality of each of her students. She believes that just takes one step to begin and that yoga is accessible to everyone!  

Lesley Parry

Lesley Parry is from the UK and decided to move to Spain a few years ago! She joined the retreat center some years ago as a freelance. Her speciality are her Foot Healings "Our feet reflect our innermost self very accurately as well as our current state of health. They mirror the paths we have already taken and the one we are currently on in life. During a treatment one can discover your behavioral patterns and release those that no longer serve effortlessly."

Vicky .

Vicky was born in the Netherlands and in 2006 she decided to move to the South of Spain were she wanted to dedicate her life more to what she really wanted, being a Soul coach and Natural health practitioner. She studied Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Holistic Kinesiology, Reiki and Soul Coaching and a big variety of massages and other body treatments. This mix together with her intuitive abilities is perfect to help people to create a healthy and happy life.

Javier .

Javier was born in Andalucia and finished his training in physical education, having previously acquired knowledge of Expression, Body, Acrobatics, Aerobics instructor and Anthropology among others, which development since.In 2014 he graduated as a Pilates instructor, mat and machines as Reformer, Cadillac, Chair Wunda, Spinal Correction and other accessories used in this technique that helps a lot in rehabilitation. His personal trainer and pilates classes are fun and motivating.

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