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Yoga Pilgrimage Retreat in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - 7 days
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Experience new insights and awakening in this spiritual pilgrimage.

The first five days of your retreat will offer twice daily yoga, meditation and pranayama classes plus plenty of time to enjoy and explore the local area with cycling, swimming and relaxing in nature. 

For the last two days you will enjoy a pilgrimage into the nearby mountains. 

The first day you will enjoy a morning yoga practice, a trip to the mountainous part of Sri Lanka, bathing in the waterfall, visiting the Buddhist Temple, and ascent of the Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada). 

On the second day you will practice yoga to the new rising sun, bathe in the waterfall and return to the coastal area.

Trekking the pilgrimage trails through mountainous area will trigger the upright movement of Kundalini energy. Here you will be one to one with your true nature without any distractions. 

The highly experienced and dedicated teachers are concerned  with harnessing and stabilizing the pranic flow of energy and generating transformational light. In the midst of this sacred and spectacular scenery, you are sure to feel uplifted and expanded.

The retreat package includes 

your daily yoga sessions


breakfast and dinner meals

kayaking, cycling

access to internet

genuine Ayurveda doctor consultation

and 2 days pilgrimage to the mountains.


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Nikolas Shower

Nikolas is the founder of Yoga Center. He is a light bearer, spiritual warrior and seeker for liberation.

Jeewanthi .

Jeewanthi is the Fire Keeper, Shakti of our Spiritual Home and a Kundalini that dreams to wake up within herself one day.

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