Freeride Tarifa Wellbeing Camp - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Freeride Tarifa Wellbeing Camp

Europe - 7 days
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Known as one of the world's most popular destinations for wind sports, Tarifa brings you wonderful beaches, amazing weather conditions, and the most chilled out atmosphere for a truly relaxing holiday.

Be guided through stretching, and yoga or pilates (depending the day) to get your body and mind in harmony.

Feel free in this journey as you express yourself in the dynamic sport of kitesurfing and the practice of yoga.

Start the day with a wellbeing activity session that will prep you for the day's adventure.

This experience also gives you an amazing opportunity to appreciate and connect more with Nature as you will be near the ocean, get plenty of sun and give your more opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

This is a complete holiday giving you adventure, relaxation, nature, and lots of fun!

This package includes 5 morning sessions of either yoga, pilates or stretching, 6 nights accommodations, 5 days kitesurfing (15 hours of kitesurfing in semi-private class; levels at beginners, intermediates, and riders with IKO certified instructors; 2 persons per instructor, brand new Naish kitesurf equipment, supervision for advanced level riders, and yoga mats.


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