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12/01/2020 18/01/2020

Five Senses Yoga Retreat, Mountains in Mexico

Mexico - 7 days
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This yoga retreat in Oaxaca represents deep exploration of the senses, a full expression of the heart, a saying yes to the world and all that it offers.

On this Oaxaca retreat you’ll stay in a beautiful neighbourhood. You’ll have a market tour and cooking class with the head chef. You’ll visit a super unique family-run Mezcal palenque to learn how to make the drink the old fashioned way.

You’ll discover astonishing ancient ruins and rebalance your body and mind with daily yoga plus plenty of free time left over to independently discover food, drinks, ceramics, chocolate and local Mexican art.

Each day you will start refreshed and energized after a revitalizing morning yoga session and an afternoon workshop session. Your days will be full of cultural and spiritual exploration and the practice will be both your way of preparing for the day and also integrating from the day.

This retreat includes -

6 nights at the Guesthouse

market tour and cooking class

an excursion to Monte Alban Ruin

a visit to the Authentic Mezcal Palenque

the chance to explore local markets in Oaxaca and nearby

your daily yoga classes

daily breakfasts and the best food you'll ever eat!


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Rebecca Thieneman

Rebecca believes everyone has the potential to thrive in the world, and that wellness is at the forefront of this global change. With an undeniable passion for empowering others to take charge of their wellbeing, one of her greatest strengths is establishing meaningful connections with others to collaboratively make the world a healthier place.After taking her first class nearly 15 years ago, Rebecca has continued investing in the practices of yoga and meditation as student and teacher both. Rebecca seeks to create a sacred space for students to connect within themselves more deeply through breath and posture, with a unique teaching style most influenced by Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin yoga, and Vipassana meditation.Rebecca has been providing customized health coaching and education for the past decade. She has partnered with individuals, communities, startups, and corporations to share her expertise in wellness that is fused with mindfulness practices, health behavior, and habit design. Rebecca believes the most invaluable investment we can make is in our health, and is passionately committed to imparting knowledge and providing a support system for those ready to improve the world from the inside out.

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