Costa Rica Surf & SUP - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Costa Rica Surf & SUP

Costa Rica - 7 days
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This is a funky hot spot with a great nightlife, excellent restaurants, and year-round waves. It has the great combination of Pacific Ocean, picturesque beaches, variety of surf breaks, and friendly locals.

Experience fun lessons which are tailored to be relaxing so you can find your own pace to learn. You don't have to go through many lessons to experience the surf lifestyle, live the experience in every moment - the feeling of being one with your surfboard and the ocean waves.

Get a glimpse of what the experience can be as you find a new way to share a unique experience of surfing and supping.

The retreat package includes your daily surf lessons (2-hour class with surfboard and rash guard), option of 1 activity per day which can be a massage, horseback riding, paddle boarding adventure in river or ocean, canopy above the waterfalls, quad adventure or yoga! 6 nights in a beachfront hotel with kitchen, swimming pool, and yoga deck.


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