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Active Cleanse Retreat

Thailand - 7 days
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This Active Cleanse Retreat is designed for everyone, comprising a delicious raw food diet to gently cleanse and detoxify your system without the intensity of a complete detox program.

During the retreat, you will be following an uncooked, unheated and unprocessed plant-based diet. On a raw cleanse you will find little or no drop in energy and many guests find quite the opposite. This enables you to take advantage of the gym and additional fitness classes that are on offer at the center.

There is a superb raw food menu that is perfect for people who are pre-cleansing, post-cleansing or simply searching for a milder, healthy cleanse to kick-start a new lifestyle.

The retreat package includes a daily green smoothie breakfast, raw lunch and dinner, raw kimchi side dish, raw vegan snack, vegetable broth, nourishing coconut water and probiotics, a fasting and detox handbook.

Plus your schedule of -

daily colonics

daily massage

herbal steam sauna

and cleansing drinks, electrolyte drinks, herbal teas, detox shaker, liver flush drink, lemon and ginger tea, wheatgrass shooters, hot mineral broth, consultations with detox consultant, blood pressure check, access to all facilities, daily morning and evening activities, weekly talks and activities, complimentary WiFi, daily beach shuttle.


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Jess Soraya

Jess originally worked at the resort, back in 2008 and it had a huge impact on her life. It led to a change in lifestyle and eating habits and as she became healthier Jess started practicing yoga and meditation and learning about nutrition and the benefits of a raw food diet. Jess’s experience, coupled with her calm, kind and nurturing nature make her valuable asset to the team. Small but strong, outside of work, Jess trains in cross fit and Olympic lifting. She is a certified Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga yoga instructor. She is also a certified detox specialist.

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