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Personalised Yoga Retreat

Bali - 7 days
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Journey to Bali and join a unique, personalised retreat for individual travelers, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy yoga, living food, dance & art classes, excursions, cooking classes, and much more.

There will be sessions in self-healing, and debunking old programming, as well as looking into the control settings of limited patterns to ultimately come closer to restoring their factory settings. This is a retreat for those wanting to learn and explore different techniques that empower your well-being to a whole new level. Clear out and let go of the old to make room for new positive vitality!

Your days will be filled with activities, as well as enough free time to enjoy the pool, some shopping, or an extra spa treatment. Explore Ubud and all it has to offer: its beautiful natural spots, its amazing cuisine, culture, people, world renowned yoga classes, great spas and world class healers.

This is a personalised package, made to suit the individual outside of official retreat dates.

This package includes

6-nights of accommodations

all gourmet healthy meals

daily Yoga Synergy classes

spinal movement workshops

dynamic & static meditation practices

basic pranayama

lectures on nutrition

raw vegan meal preparation workshops

cultural outings

visits to the holy temple Tirta Empul

traditional Balinese ceremonies

art & improv workshops

and your own chosen spa treatment.


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Oksana Sokol

Oksana’s own personal journey with health challenges led her to immerse and practice nutrition with living foods and energy healing. Through nature, connection and the ability to grasp the moment of aliveness she wanted to see if she could also make her life her fullest expression, could life itself be her art.The road to recovery is also redefining, with its many turns and corners, it’s reinventing and fortifying a new way of being. By becoming empowered, she now leads others to improve their well-being with coaching, food, movement and lifestyle choices as well as successfully guiding individuals through personalised cleansing and detox programs.With numerous yoga trainings and certifications, she now primarily teachers and practices Yoga Synergy as taught by Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss. From Australia she has lived in Ubud, Bali teaching yoga at Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio and on numerous retreats. She is the founder of Yoga Shala at the Bali Global Foundation where underprivileged local students are given the opportunity to develop their full potential.Yoga for her is a way of life, consciously living every moment of the day aligning her values with her actions and connections. She creates retreats and experiences with the ultimate goal of sharing ideas and inspiration about living a fuller, a more autonomous, a more enriched life benefiting ourselves individually and as a contribution to the greater whole.

Anita Taylor

On her journey of self-healing, Anita found a naturopathic doctor with 40 years experience in the detoxification field who supported her healing with a range of high quality organic herbs.Being housebound due to illness with a limited range of movement and extreme fatigue, exercise was impossible so she started with the most basic of yoga and breathing exercises. Each day she dedicated herself to the art of detoxification, practicing yoga along with a host of other healing modalities that helped along the way. Slowly she began to see results and heal.Not only did Anita heal her physical body, but she opened herself up to a new way of living authentically and organically. Her body and mind were stripped of reasoning and everything that she had previously been limited by.Today she lives free from programming and limitations and is inspiring and leading others to a life of pure health, joy and bliss. Through cultivating her own awareness Anita is now dedicated to awakening others to their full potential. Anita is a natural healer and her ability to heal comes from the knowledge that she herself is healed.

Bjorn Leonards

Bjorn lives immersing himself in a conscious Love Affair with Life. He sees himself as a Life Artist, constantly evaluating, shifting, envisioning and creating from the infinite art supply life is offering at all times.He is deeply dedicated to fully showing up all the way, every day, with his wide open Heart. Allowing Love to flow unrestricted. Noticing, translating and sharing his experience with people who are ready to step into their full life potential. This and his capability to hold safe and sacred space, to see and unconditionally hold people, has made him a sought after personal development guide and mentor and inspirational speaker.Together with Brie they are also working with couples and individuals sharing their experience and insights of Alive Relationships.

Brie Lamers

Brie grew up speaking of her dreams as a real part of daily life, having out of body experiences, and holding a deep belief in magic and the doing what seems impossible. These experiences have brought her to this moment, exactly where she wants to be. She has been facilitating healing journeys through sound, guided visual meditation, deep listening and love. She practices energy movement, heart expansion and living in her essence. Within her heart space and presence, she is able to lean into greater depths while helping others to find their aliveness, bliss, and the ability to embrace radical self love and being without limit.Relationship Awakening is something Brie and Bjorn love to do together. They offer sacred space for people to come into deeper connection within themselves and others through conscious communication. She finds great joy in offering new ideas and perspectives to the unsuspecting. She often spends her time gently shattering old paradigms and making space for expansion and amazing “impossibilities” to occur.

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