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Food, Meditation & Yoga, Eco-Village on Lake

Sri Lanka - 6 days
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Enjoy yoga, meditation and diverse experiences at this venue run on the principle of sustainability, from it's accommodation, food, toiletries to the community integration. All speak to it's commitment to conserve nature and community.

Stay in a mud hut or a hip treehouse, beside the wetlands of a beautiful large lake, not far from the beach and near to the world famous Yala National Park.

Practice different styles of yoga and meditative techniques under the guidance of experienced teachers. Start the day with a yoga session in the open air. Practicing different meditative techniques, learn how to concentrate on the present moment. A wide range of meditation is practiced - traditional Buddhist, dynamic meditations form kundalini yoga, special anti-stress meditation. This retreat is open to all levels of yoga practice and has a maximum of five guests per group. A deep relaxing traditional Ayurvedic full body massage will help you to release stress.

Enjoy several unique excursions: a Farmer's Lunch - Spicy local fare of traditional rice with freshly ground coconut sambol, fish curry made from the catch of the day, lentils, young jackfruit curry, and the freshest greens.

Cooking Demo - join the resident chef as he demonstrates how to make some of Sri Lanka’s favourite dishes. Sri Lankan cuisine revolves around the use of ingredients such as cloves, cinnamon and cardamoms to name a few.

Cook Your Catch - set out on the scenic early morning fishing trip on a traditional canoe with local fisherman.

Catch your own breakfast and bring it ashore and let the fishermen cook you a delicious, fresh breakfast picnic.

Curd Making - visit a village home to learn the secrets of making perfect buffalo curd. End your lesson with a delightful tasting of this popular and delicious dessert.

Have a special Breakfast By The Lake - sit down by the waters, dip your toes in the lake and enjoy the greatest meal of the day.

Finally, enjoy a special Dinner Under the Stars - as the sun sets and the stars come out the land transforms into a night-time wonderland. It is also time to enjoy a dinner that consists of the “day’s catch” and homegrown goodness.

Included in the retreat is a safari to Yala National Park, daily energizing morning yoga by the lake, daily relaxing evening yoga and meditation, one full body Ayurveda message, fishing tour with breakfast and morning yoga by the lake, evening cooking demo with local lady, special breakfast by the lake, dinner under the stars, farmer lunch, signature dinner (with free wine / beer -optional), curd making workshop, and 5 nights’ accommodation.


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Isakova Anna

Having practiced yoga for 8 years, Anna started teaching after completing her Kundalini yoga teacher course. She continued her practice in India at the Sivananda Yoga ashram and completed an Ayurveda therapist course at the Ananda Spa Institute in Hyderabad in 2015. The same year she did 1 month ofintense training in Thai massage with a private teacher in Chiang Mai. In Sri Lanka Anna participated in several 10 days Vipassana meditation courses, as a student and volunteer as well. Through practicing various styles of yoga, meditation and body work, she has learned that 'how' you practice matters more than 'what'. Vinyasa flow, kundalini meditation, pranaymas, jogging, swimming and even washing dishes all this is a perfect Yoga when done with the mindfulness and awareness. For Anna Yoga is notsomething special, but a natural part of a daily life.

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