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Women's Tour Retreat

Bali - 6 days
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This retreat will provide you with a holistic program that combines ancient Balinese wisdom and modern luxury. All throughout your stay, you will be given powerful yoga and meditation classes by some of the world's top instructors.

Whether you're just a beginner or already at an advanced yoga practice, there's no need to worry since the classes are suitable for all levels and aspects. You can take part in seminars, classes, and workshops to learn and understand the principles of a healthful and happy life.

Nestled in a lush oasis village, the venue offers yoga, spa services, Ayurvedic consultations, healthy cuisine, deep cultural experiences, traditional Balinese healing, and holistic relaxation for your well-being. Achieve the level of health you seek and deserve in this life-changing journey on the rich island of Bali.

The yoga and meditation classes will take place in the open-air sanctuary with stunning views of the ocean, as well as the Mount Agung Volcano. The 6 Day Yoga Retreat is inclusive of 5 nights Eco-Luxury accommodation, daily yoga and meditation classes.

Plus your schedule of -

Private Session with a Balinese Healer

3 Private Counselling Sessions

Purification ritual in sacred spring

Evening lecture

Breath work session


Healing blessing ceremony

30-minute Skype integration session within 2 weeks of returning home

Daily vegetarian meals

Aside from the holistic and powerful programs offered in this retreat, you may also take part in some of the curated activities and guided experiences like the Bali arts and culture, photography, surfing in the surrounding beaches, and a lot more.


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