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Simply Yoga Retreat, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - 6 days
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During your stay, you will learn how to balance the 3 doshas in your body from an Ayurvedic perspective and investigate and discover weak points of your constitution. 

You will learn how to combat and eradicate illness and dis-ease in the body and by managing your lifestyle you will increase endurance and vitality in the body, making you feel whole, happy, joyous and well.

The retreat center provides a consultation with a traditional doctor of Sri Lanka which will help you to develop a proposed food and lifestyle plan to assist you to function at your fullest potential. 

On a mental level, you will learn techniques and 'kriyas' or cleansing techniques for mind and sense control. 

Through an individualized practice you will learn how to acquire peace and serenity, you will learn how to remain centered and focused, confident and relaxed in your day to day living. 

On a spiritual level, you will be able to trace your positive and negative karmic imprints and know how to handle them without generating new ones. 

As the grip of karmic reactivity loosens and armed with new knowledge and experience, you will be able to live in the present moment and act positively with no regrets about the past or longing for the future. 

You will learn how to master your own destiny and walk confidently on the path towards the life you wish to be living. 

On top of the daily yoga, meditation and classes you will have ample opportunity to explore Sri Lanka and this unique location. 

Gain access to sandy and grassy beaches, tropical environments, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and the freshest seafood, wander along the Maha Yoga River, take in the unique landscapes and culture of the Indian Ocean’s jewel. 

All of this can offers great adventures and spiritual treasures. 

The retreat package includes your daily yoga sessions, lodging, breakfast and dinner meals, kayaking, cycling, access to internet, and genuine your ayurveda doctor consultation. Take a retreat that will not only awaken you to new and exciting ways to live, but offer you tools and techniques to enhance your life in your onwards journey.


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Nikolas Shower

Nikolas is the founder of Yoga Center. He is a light bearer, spiritual warrior and seeker for liberation.

Jeewanthi .

Jeewanthi is the Fire Keeper, Shakti of our Spiritual Home and a Kundalini that dreams to wake up within herself one day.

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