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5 Night Vitalize Wellness Yogi Escape in Ayurveda Spa

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A unique combination of delicious healthy meals and drinks, rejuvenating spa treatments, and relaxing yoga and meditation sessions allow you to achieve your targets in a tranquil and luxurious environment.

This Retreat aims to revamp your state of well-being by helping you to find flexibility, focus and energy. In order to function at its best, the body needs nourishing with just the right dose of physical activities to increase the lung quotient and oxygenate the blood.

The body also needs healthy light meals to assist with digestion and assimilation of nutrients which keeps the body light, strong and with a good immune system.

The retreat aims to trigger a deep activation of the body’s energy points with massages, nourishing warm wraps to improve blood circulation and herbal saunas to detoxify the body naturally.

The retreat includes 5 nights accommodation, wholesome fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, and daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Plus your schedule of -

Booster Wheatgrass Shots with Triphala

Immune Evening Veggie Drinks

Daily Nirvana Hatha Yoga session

Daily Vinyasa Stretch/Flow Yoga session

Daily meditation session

3 Prana Breathing Sessions

Coffee Citric Dynamic Scrub

Vitalising Mud Wrap

Green Tea Wrap

Thai Energy Massage

Balancing Massage

Herbal Steam Sauna


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