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Toned Wellness Escape, Ayurveda Spa in Thailand

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This boutique, adults-only resort offers a tranquil atmosphere for rejuvenation, with beautifully appointed luxury villas spread throughout tropical gardens. Feel younger and say goodbye to extra un-needed baggage with balanced yoga sessions and energetic breathing exercises.

These sessions are designed to stretch the muscles and the skin in a holistic way, helping you feel lighter, brighter, more toned and more flexible. As you tone the body, naturally remove excess fluid and toxins, improve blood circulation and improve the assimilation of nutrients, all of which leave you looking younger and more rejuvenated from inside out.

Body scrubs help to mobilize the fluid and cells which are then followed by herbal steams to eliminate the toxins and result in a fresh and light appearance. A fresh wholesome daily diet ensures the body naturally detoxifies and is nourished with vital nutrients.

The retreat includes 5 nights accommodation, wholesome fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Plus your schedule of -

Booster Wheatgrass Shots with Triphala

Immune Evening Veggie Drinks

Daily Yoga Session

Daily meditation session

Prana Breathing Sessions

Coffee Citric Dynamic Scrub

Detox Wrap

Toning Coconut Oil Massage

2 Thai Energy Massages

2 Herbal Steam Saunas


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