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Detox Retreat, Luxury Spa in Phuket Thailand

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This is the premier destination spa in Phuket, with luxury accommodations, incredible health food menu, well organised programs, and first class facilities for fitness, spa, yoga and all wellness activities.

Through a gentle cleansing diet, specific supplements, and treatments that support the body's natural elimination processes, the detox retreat is an opportunity to feel rejuvenated and revived. 

This effective yet gentle program, utilises a combination of tried and tested therapies, including juice cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, and Ayurvedic, Thai and signature  treatments.

The professionally guided detox program provides the conditions which allow the body time and space to 'clean house'. 

Package includes - your five nights accommodation, roundtrip airport transfer, three meals per day according to your set detox program menu, individual wellness consultation, departure consultation, blood pressure check-up, physical analysis.

Plus your schedule of -

Detox support supplements

2 Colon Hydrotherapy treatments

2 'Chi Nei Tsang' detoxifying abdominal massage

Detoxifying Ayurvedic massage therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment

Signature massage

Thai Hammam journey

Daily Infrared sauna

Daily yoga classes 


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