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Yoga Weight Loss Retreat

Thailand - 5 days
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This is a truly immersive experience that involves a daily routine of yoga, health and wellness, along with privacy and time to journey inward as well.

Yoga is taught by experienced international teachers in a variety of styles. The beautiful open-air and ocean front yoga salas offer a serene setting with the soothing sound of the ocean in the background. Spend your days practicing yoga, eating healthy food, meditating and resetting.

The package will also include a detox program alongside your yoga retreat. This new kind of detox combines healthy flavourful food with healing herbs to jump-start your health and reboot your metabolism. It’s easy to do, and provides a direct route to feeling fabulous.

The VITOX utilizes a combination of Thai herbs, scientifically proven to cleanse and protect the body through the stimulation of your liver’s enzymes, along with nutrient-dense whole foods that improve elimination, nourish the body and protect against oxidative damage.

The special formulas combined with select whole foods, work on the inside out while daily meditation and yoga classes help to reinforce the program from the outside in.

The 5-day Yoga Detox Vacation package comes with

all your yoga classes

morning meditation classes

any additional yoga and pilates classes

buffet meals

your special detox program


and unlimited use of the fully equipped Sky Gym.


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