Sports and Detox Break - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Sports and Detox Break

Thailand - 5 days
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This Detox Program is held at the premier sports facility in Asia, offering tennis, swimming, track and field, and weights and cardio centres, to help you to stay fit during your stay at the 5 star hotel.

The qualified and experienced staff are equipped with everything you need to experience a safe and effective detox program.

They can help to guide you towards a better lifestyle, and help you regain your vitality.

The onsite medical doctor will discuss the state of your health based on the heavy metal and nutrient tests that will be carried out. From this information, the doctor will advise a treatment plan that will help you to continue with the process after the detox program has ended too.

Detoxification treatments will be administered by experienced nurses. The dietitian will recommend a plan for you that will provide you with the necessary nutrients to support the program during your stay. The wellness advisors will offer advice and support for your ongoing nutritional needs.

You can enjoy daily yoga and meditation sessions, continual access to the first-class sports facilities, use of the ozonated pools, infrared saunas, and access to the detox tea lounge.

Your retreat package includes your accommodation, return airport transfers, 2 x medical consultations, private dietitian consultations, 2 x health and wellness consultations, 2 x body composition analysis, detox lab profile, heavy metal check, intravenous nutrients treatments, 2 x colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, 2 x abdominal detoxification massage and your detox meal program.


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