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Rediscover Yourself Yoga Ayurveda Retreat

Sri Lanka - 5 days
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Enjoy yoga and meditation, and de-stress with Ayurveda, at this venue run on the principle of sustainability, from it's accommodation, food, toiletries to the community integration. All speak to it's commitment to conserve nature and community.

Stay in a mud hut or a hip treehouse, beside the wetlands of a beautiful large lake, not far from the beach and near to the world famous Yala National Park.

This is the perfect place to lose yourself, to unwind, to truly let go and relax, cocooned by lush nature and inspiring surroundings. Harness the healing powers of yoga under the guidance of expert teachers and learn new skills in meditation and relaxation techniques that will benefit your daily life.

Wild encounters on safari, enchanting cycle tours, de-stress therapies and full body massages are all a part of the package, ensuring you a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure!

This package includes your beautiful and unique accommodations, full-body Ayurveda massages, meditation sessions, cycle tours, de-stress therapy, visits to the Yala Safari park.


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