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03/10/2020 08/10/2020

Sacred Geometry Retreat

Europe - 5 days
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This amazing 5-day retreat is your chance to develop a clear understanding of Sacred Geometry, intensify your Yoga practice and meditate upon Mandalas to enhance your mind, empower your intentions and transform the way you approach life.

Uncover the secrets encoded in some of the most recognizable images found throughout India. Just with a drawing compass and ruler, you will explore the fundamental principles of consciousness and present tools to unlock your full potential.

This program presents a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific through the art of sacred geometry. From the concepts of karma, reincarnation, and the afterlife, to the science of light, atoms, energy and the cosmos, all can be linked into visually compelling and easily comprehensible geometric models that are fun to draw and suitable for all ages.

Learn how to draw wonderful Mandalas, understand the significance of Hindu symbolism, discover the Dharma Wheel and Karma, explore the Science of Light and empower your everyday life through Sacred Geometry.
The retreat package includes -

5 nights accommodation
3 meals a day
3 Sacred Geometry Day courses
3 Yoga classes
3 Mandala meditations


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Barbara .

Bárbara is the in founder of the yoga retreat center. Born in Lisbon, studied Jazz and Architecture. After 6 years in London, some travelling and 11 years of corporate job, she decided to start her new Journey with the Project Offline Portugal.After a long-term relationship with anxiety and depression she started her Yoga and Meditation practice in 2011 through mindfulness. After few trips to India and her special experience with Vipassana and Reiki, her spiritual journey has gone way far from being just a Yoga Teacher and her power lies from sharing that with others.Barbara's mission is to spread awareness of who you are, why you are here on Earth and try to connect each and one of you to your own True Self. You can see her on the mat, running around WiFi (her dog! ), playing piano, dancing when nobody is watching, surfing and simply having glass of wine chatting about the Universe for hours.

Colin Power

Colin Power is a life long musician and workshop facilitator. Traveled extensively throughout his life, he has conversed with a large variety of spiritually minded people, particularly on the subject of Buddhism and Hinduism. His entry into the world of Metaphysics began when he became interested in creating alternative energy generation, based on Vedic mathematics of vortexes.

Heike Bielek

Heike studied Biotechnology and received her Ph.D. in Freiburg, Germany. In 2014, she started to travel the world in search of a deeper meaning to life. It was the spirit of India, which led her to the discovery of Sacred Geometry and Metaphysics. She founded In 2 Infinity in 2017 together with Colin to spread this fascinating knowledge, combining her passion for science, spirituality, and art in one project.

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