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Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat

Bali - 5 days
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This retreat will help you find work-life balance as you learn the Seven Chakra Therapy and go through different meditation classes. If you have been through particularly stressful events, you will be able to clear trauma, emotional, and spiritual blockages, with your Ancient Soul Healing sessions.

The signature Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat discovers the power of the mind, to help create beneficial life changes. Mental and emotional healing can play a big part in supporting changes in your life, including physical changes.

Open up energy pathways with holistic treatments, including Reiki and chakra balancing, complemented with personalised yoga and Pranayama breathing sessions. Learn to channel your energy productively during personal training sessions to return home feeling fully revitalised. The therapists will guide you, provide stress management strategies and healing modalities to suit your individual needs.

The resort is comprised of three scenic villas surrounded by dense tropical rainforest and the Indian ocean. Visit for a rejuvenating retreat that will help replenish of your body, mind and soul.

This retreat includes:

roundtrip airport transfers

pre-retreat questionnaire

luxury accommodation

and all of your gourmet meals and treatments.

Please note this retreat can be booked for any duration of nights, please inquire for pricing and availability.


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