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Yoga, Detox & Meditation, Colonial Villa Stay

Sri Lanka - 5 days
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In just 5 days, cleanse yourself of the toxins that hinder both the mind and body from achieving your healthiest and happiest state of being. Spend five days and experience a taste of simple luxury. Reconnect with yourself, your intuition and find ways to live a healthier lifestyle once you return home again.

This package is a light introduction to Ayurveda with detox sessions to help restore the mind-body balance, helping you to return home feeling revitalised and re-energised.

Eating nutritionally balanced meals in line with your body type will reduce a large amount of physical ailments. Here, your meals will be adequately balanced and aligned to your ‘doshas’ (ayurvedic constitution) and they will be supplemented with Ayurvedic herbal teas and natural medicines. During your stay the resident doctor will have social discussion evenings about Ayurveda and its science. Additionally, yoga will be offered daily to assist your body, mind connection, for beginners and yogis.

This package includes your Ayurvedic meals, water and herbal tea at all times, guided daily yoga, numerous hotel activities for you to partake in, and a daily Ayurveda Detox treatment of massages and herbal or steam baths. 


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Dr Nishan Jayasundara

Dr Nishan is a prominent member of the Research Teams at both the Cancer Research Unit at the Sri Lankan National Ayurveda Research Institute and the Department of Ayurveda Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics at the Institute of Indigenous medicine. He is also a Medical Officer at the National Ayurveda Teaching Hospital. Nishan completed a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) at University of Colombo and Institute of Indigenous Medicine. He also obtained special training in Sri Lankan traditional Medicine from one of the most reknown Indegineous Medicinal Gurus in the country. Nishan represents Sri Lanka at International Cancer Research Conferences such as the WIN [Worldwide Innovative Network in Developing Precision Cancer Medicine] Symposium and World Cancer ConferenceNishan also leads the development of some of the medicines (almost all of the Anti-Cancer drugs) provided to our guests. In addition to working at the Villa, Nishan is currently working on a research project studying the effect of a poly-herbal formulation featuring Cannabis sativa on human colon cancer cell lines.

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