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Beginners Yoga Retreat

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This program has been developed for those new to yoga or who want to get back to yoga after having a long break. The teachers will guide you through basic sequences of poses, giving variations so that you can challenge yourself and dive deeper into your practice at your own level.

The beginner yoga program is available in a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Acro.

You’ll start with an initial introductory consultation, where you get to talk about any limitations you might have, your expectations, and personal goals. According to what your needs and unique circumstances are, your personal program is then developed.

These are tailor-made for you and this program uses a unique mix of activities that will help you to experience the yogic lifestyle for the first time, including private yoga sessions, additional yoga classes should you wish to utilise them, and group meditation classes. All of this is nurtured with a delicious healthy balanced diet.

This retreat package includes

your accommodation

2 private sessions daily

2 daily healthy buffet meals

daily meditation

and daily yoga sessions.


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