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Cultural Luxury Yoga Retreat in Marrakech

Morocco - 4 days
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This retreat is located 10 minutes from the center of stunning Marrakech. The wellness sanctuary offers a harmonious blend of Arabic, Asiatic and African tastes with possibilities for guests to hear directly from the artists who are the hosts.

The Retreat is a collection of individual houses spread out over an exotic garden. A welcoming family atmosphere provides the comforts of home with the services of a hotel.

There are no yoga styles, but there are various expressions of yoga. Popular methods such as Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar are not different entities. Classes merge the tools and techniques of yoga traditions to offer rich, full classes that will work on all levels of the body and mind.

Exploring multiple styles and expressions of yoga shows the connection points between them and the assorted yoga methods and systems become one. The daily yoga classes, tailored to the level of the group, are scheduled before breakfast and dinner. The lessons are thorough with theoretical debate and easy to comprehend guidelines for spirituality and healthy living.

Discussions range from mental, physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. The lessons, thanks to a progressive approach, will allow the guest to achieve the right state of flow in order to improve mobility, breathing and circulation while strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments.

This is a yoga holiday with cultural and design delights that respects the natural materials, traditions, local communities and environment.

Often referred to as 'New Moroccan Style', the art involves the use of natural materials, traditional techniques with dark and light textures to create a sense of harmony.

This package includes your accommodations for three nights, meals after morning & evening yoga classes and your two daily yoga lessons per day.


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Perumal Koshy

Perumal Koshy, born in New Delhi of South Indian parents from the state of Kerala, began teaching under a Kung-Fu master while living in Los Angeles. A ten-year relationship with martial arts was followed by yoga. This began a yoga journey returning to his ancestral roots of Kerala, India and then England, Italy and Morocco. These experiences lead Perumal to capture the heart and values of the world’s yoga styles. His method is nothing short of being a practical and easily comprehensible form of Yoga. A method which has been implemented successfully to varying practitioners of hard and soft forms.These experiences lead Perumal to capture the heart and values of the world’s yoga styles. His yoga method, recognized by various international yoga journals, lead to him authoring articles for Italian, French and Dutch yoga journals and magazines.

Ines Stephan

Ines Stephan was born to a German father and a Yugoslavian mother. She grew up between Germany and Italy. She began her yoga practice in her teenage years while competing in sports. She continued studying through books for 20 years. Hers was a multi-discipline solo yoga practice spanning twenty five years throughout her career as a film producer. The real discovery on healing benefits of yoga was through curing a kidney issue by simply repeating two yoga postures prescribed by an Iranian medical doctor. The healing experience seeded a passion for yoga. Finally Ines went to India to learn from Anto Antony a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher. Her yoga practice deepened and opened her to experience something more spiritual. In 2008 Ines began practicing Yoga with Perumal. She produced all 30 Yoga with Perumal online video courses and created together with Perumal the Yoga with Perumal Morocco retreats. This lead to a partnership with Perumal Koshy and to learn by heart the retreat method both apply. The student reviews are high, this had to come as no surprise considering her 10 years practising with Perumal and working with a positive and highly energetic approach. Ines is concentrated, concerned with her duties towards the company and others and shows great perseverance in what she is doing. She is tremendously soft hearted and sympathetic. She has a mature, disciplined and serious attitude towards life which colours everything she does.


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